“The Power of Planning”

Seven Billion Strong

200 years ago there were around 1 billion people on Earth. 150 years later, in 1965, there were just under 3.5 billion. In the past fifty years that number has doubled to over 7 billion. This was only possible through exploiting the Earth’s fossil energy, to temporarily escape the constraints that kept human population levels in check.

Now that one-time reserve of cheap and easy fossil fuels is running low and we’re facing other environmental limits. And yet, we’re on course to add another 2 billion humans in the next 25 years! Family planning is essential for reducing future demand on the planet’s already strained resources. But it’s also a powerful way to increase the quality of life and choices available for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Expanding access to information and contraceptives—and even more so, educating and supporting people to challenge regressive cultural norms that oppress women and limit opportunity—is one of the most important global investments we can make. It will improve lives today, and tomorrow.

WE’RE READY to look beyond ourselves, to look at the bigger picture when it comes to population.
WE’RE READY to make conscious choices about the future of our planet and our families.
WE’RE READY for a new energy reality, both for us and generations to come.