“The Energy Train”

What’s wrong with a new bike?

Well, every man-made object in the world requires energy for its manufacture, maintenance, use and eventual disposal. Put all this necessary energy together and you have an item’s embodied energy – or the sum needed for that object to exist.

Let’s think about the embodied energy in your mobile phone, just for example. It’s easiest to explain all that energy as an “energy train”. The energy train of your phone isn’t a just single locomotive coasting down the tracks. Rather, it drags along other cars filled with packaging to ship the phone, a store to sell it, an advertising industry to make you want it, transportation infrastructure to ship it, factories to build it, mines for the materials it’s made of, and of course communications network and energy systems (oil wells, coal mines, power plants, etc.) that make the phone work on a daily basis. The energy train for your phone is a very long train, and every last car must be in place for even one mobile phone to make its first call. And we haven’t even begun to include all those cool accessories.

New products, no matter how “green” or more efficient than those they replace, require a huge energy train to come into existence. But we have choices.

WE’RE READY to reuse, repurpose, repair and share what we already own.
WE’RE READY for a new energy reality.